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The tanker truck - distributor / Fuel transport


The tanker truck - distributor / Fuel transport is designed for transportation, temporary storage and refueling refined and measured liquid fuels, i.e.: engine fuels (gasoline), Diesel oil, aircraft kerosene. It is mounted on an off-road type chassis. The vehicle
is designed for circulation in various types of roads, off-road surfaces included. It may operate
in the temperature range from -30oC to +50oC.
The tanker is provided with a pump-measuring unit for distributing the liquid fuels with the capacity up to 1000 dm3/min. The unit enables
self-filling of the tanker and pumping fuels between two outside tanks.

Technical Specification
(for the tanker of 10.3m3 capacity)

1. Tank:

  • total capacity - 10,3m3,
  • shell material - carbon steel,
  • No of chambers - 1,
  • Manhole diameter - 503mm,
  • Filler diameter - 200mm,

2. Fuel distribution set:

Fuel pump - self-priming sliding-vane type

  • capacity - 1000dm3/min,
  • pump drive - hydraulic,

Refining filter

  • capacity - 1000dm3/min,
  • refining class - 40µm,
  • venting - automatic,

Functions of the fuel distribution set
- feeding of filtered and measured fuel from the own and trailer tanks through four hoses (two hoses on winding reels) with automatic filling guns (Qmax 4 x 200l/min); - feeding of filtered fuel without measuring from the own or trailer tank or from an outside tank 1000l/ min;

  • fuel pumping between outside tanks;
  • self-filling of the own tank;
  • fuel feeding function stepless control;
  • possible filling single canisters.

3. Draining filling system:

Unloading - mechanical, gravitational,
Bottom valve - unloaded DN100,
Outlet pipe o100/o80 connecting the bottom valve with:

a) distribution node,
b) outlet nozzle (side locker + rear of the tank),

Outlet valves - DN80 of ball type(at tank side and rear), Connections - Kamlok type, DN80, fast-acting, Bottom valve control - pneumatic,
Draining hoses - rubber, DN80, l=4mb, 2pcs.
The system provided with:

  • API 100 connector (rear of the tank)

Additional equipment: a set of adaptors ensuring compatibility with NATO troops (to be agreed upon)



  • bottom valve DN100 - in case of damaged outlet system
  • respiration valve - protects from excessive
  • over- and underpressure in
    the tank
  • anti-explosion safety device
  • pneumatic fuel level sensor - delimits filling level (protection from overfilling)
  • optical-acoustic signaling of the filling level;
  • signaling of door and platform opening, clinometer

The tanker truck - distributor, fuel transport, fuel distribution

The tanker truck - distributor, fuel transport, fuel distribution



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