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The Celtech Company has been established in 2001 by the team of the people engaged from many years into the projects related to manufacturing of logistic equipment for the Army, electrolysis processes, and equipment of chemical industry. We are in possession of a production base enabling manufacturing the equipment that meets high quality requirements. The team of skilled professionals fully controls the whole manufacturing process, having for goal, first of all, high quality, timely deliveries, and all the other features improving satisfaction of our clients.

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Tank for water transportation
and distribution


The tank truck built on an offroad type chassis is designed for transportation, storage, and distribution of potable water in field conditions, at particular stages of water supply to military troops.

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tank for water transportation
bumar Based on agreement on mutual cooperation in sales, promotion and advertisment we sell our product through agency agreement with, among others, Bumar Sp. z o.o.

The Container Refueling Station


The Container Refueling Station
is an uniform complex closed construction cased with trapezoid sheet and roofed. It includes the
following modules:

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the container refueling station



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water transportation, fuel transport, fuel transportation, fuel distribution

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