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Kitchen trailer


Kitchen trailer is designed for cooking two-course meals for 100-150 persons under field conditions. The kitchen stove is provided with 6 kettles of various capacities, inclusive of 4 kettles builtin a so-called oil jacket, preventing the meal from burning. The kettles, of total capacity of 300-340 liters, are wholly made of acid resistant steel. The meals are cooked in two independent stove passes, from left- and right-hand side of the kitchen. Ranges of the field kitchen are adapted for heating the kettles with light furnace
oil, diesel oil, wood or coal. In order to enable kitchen supply with furnace oil or diesel oil it is
provided with two independent Italian oil burners of high heating efficiency, ensuring reliable and
easy operation. The burners are supplied from an electric generator. During transportation the are stored in side cases of the kitchen.
Assembly of the burners in the furnaces is very easy. The furnace oil is stored in a container built-in the kitchen stove. The kitchen may
be towed under field conditions by trucks or estate cars of rear hook towing power exceeding 1 ton. Covers of the side cases are made
of acid-resistant steel, thus allowing various operation while preparing the meals. Electric generator (supplied with diesel oil) of 2 kW capacity, being a standard equipment, ensures
simultaneous electric supply of the oil burners, kitchen equipment and lighting of tents. Standard equipment of the kitchen includes a tent enabling operation of the kitchen under any weather conditions and protecting the kitchen and the operating personnel. The tent is provided with appropriate lighting, ventilation, and chimney hole. The tent space allows for locating an
additional kitchen equipment.


Technical data:



  • Length ~4000 mm
  • Width ~1940 mm
  • Height:
    • with collapsed chimney ~2070 mm
    • with extended chimney ~2600 mm
    • height from the ground up to
    • the upper kitchen plate surface 1100 mm
    • wheel track ~1605 mm
    • Weights and loads
    • total weight of the kitchen
    • unloaded ~1130 kg
    • loaded ~1460 kg

Operating data
kitchen supply Furnace oil (burners) or solid fuel (wood) number of furnaces 2 maximal highroad speed 60 km/h average furnace oil consumption 2,5 l/h electric generator 2,0 kW oil burner
- heating power range 13,6-30 kW

Operating data

  • capacity of the kettles:
  • 80 l 2 pcs
  • 50 l (70 l) 2 pcs
  • 20 l 2 pcs
  • oven pan 1 pc
  • number of wheels 2+1 spare wheel
  • tyres 6.50-16"
  • wheel ring 4.5K x 16"



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